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Static Water Bowsers

Enduratank’s Static Water Bowsers are ideally suited to construction, civil engineering, public events, festivals and industry where mains water or drinking water is not available or the mains supply needs boosting from holding tanks. Our Static Water Bowsers are available in potable (drinking water) and non-potable versions and come with Bauer connections for easy refilling and emptying. Our plastic water tanks ranging from 5,000 litres to 30,000 litres allow water and waste water to be stored and used conveniently. These tanks are vertical cylindrical tank constructed from UV stabilised mid density polyethylene (MDPE) which is 100% rust proof and carries a 10 year guarantee.

Static water Bowsers in construction are used for clean water in construction is used in site welfare blocks for uses including toilet flushing, hand washing and showering. Waste effluent tanks are also used for storage tanker of waste from welfare blocks and fitted Bauer connections and mushroom vents for tanker collection. Water for construction sites is also used for soakaway or percolation testing and concrete manufacturing. Clean water for concrete batching plants is often stored in 10,000, 20,000 & 30,000 litre to act as a header tanks for demand for the large volumes required to keep the concrete production running smoothly. Water for vehicle wheel washing can be a vital part of containing mud contamination from site onto the public highway, water for ballast for burying tanks underground so they’ll stay put when the concrete is poured and no dig drilling or horizontal drilling which bulk water is used to create mud slurry as the it drills which the water is used to flush unwanted slurry. Water us also used for water tanks for dust suppression, we also have available a range of site and road tow dust suppressions bowsers from 500 to 10000 litres engineered to meet the challenges of dust suppression on construction sites, car parks etc.

Water Bowsers are used for festivals, carnivals and public sporting events We work with event organisers who require a reliable drinking water supply if there is insufficient demand or pressure or no existing mains water supply. Water for food processing and manufacturing industries need large volumes of bulk water for daily operations, these installations and use of cold water storage cisterns and tanks connected to the public water supply must comply with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 in England and Wales and the technically identical Scottish Water Byelaws. In order to meet these requirements Fluid Category 5 Break Tanks must be used in this instance, download your copy here.